All You Need to Know About serious injury solicitors

If you are an injured person, all this bickering and arguing gives you nothing but more pain and suffering. Let us cut the chatter and look at the facts. An insurance claim has two major components: compensatory and punitive damages. The compensatory part has a tangible (costs you have receipts for) as well as an intangible (pain and suffering) part.

Also, to get any compensation, the burden of proof is on you, that is, you have to prove that the negligence caused your injuries, and there is this little wrinkle that once you sign the contract, you are done, that is, there is no appeal, and you cannot go back and ask for more money. Serious injury solicitors will help you here.

  1. You have one chance to settle your claim so if you play it alone and mess it up; you are out of luck for good!
  2. There is no way the average Joe Blow can figure out how much his change of quality of life is worth. That is, to determine the value of the intangible part of the compensation is a challenging task even for a lawyer!
  3. It is very unlikely that you can handle punitive damages. It is also unlikely that an inexperienced lawyer can!
  4. Unless you have a degree in math, medicine, and law, seriously doubt that you can prove that the negligence caused the injury. Proving causation (millennia old science and philosophy) is the crux of injury cases, and it takes a really good lawyer to handle serious injury cases.

So, do we need all those services to be provide by serious injury solicitors? The answer is very simple: if all you want is reimbursement and the insurance company plays ball, you do not need a lawyer, in fact, a half-way decent lawyer would not even take the case.

However, if your injuries are more serious than a broken fingernail, you not only need a lawyer (like them or not), it would be foolish not to hire one. You have four compelling reasons to call and find the one you are comfortable with. Fine, but how about losing 30-40% of my compensation?

First of all, you have no idea of how much this compensation is: the intangible and the punitive part is a very grey area. Second, if you cannot prove causation, it does not matter how much is the case worth, you are not getting anything! Finally, because the serious injury solicitors work on a percentage base, it is his best interest to maximize your compensation. so serious injury solicitors will greatly help.