How efficient are Wood Burning Stoves and other stoves?

If you are in need of a new stove, there are so many options you will surely stumble upon in the market. Before you continue, check out this site for wood burning stoves. The trend today is to end up with the most energy efficient one. This should not be surprising knowing how struggling the economic situation is. With this mantra, the advent of wood burning stoves became popular to the mainstream market. What makes wood stoves popular though? Even hearth manufacturers are so eager in having their version of it introduced to the buyers. Basically, there are tons of considerations to weigh here. If you are planning to buy, or utilize the mentioned as an alternative, there tips you can ponder upon. These are the following:

The Different Types of Stoves


There are various types of these wood stoves you can select from. They have their unique characteristics of course. Among of them are listed below.

  • Mansory Fireplaces –

These Mansory fireplaces have come a really long way. Despite that, they were known to give off ambiance as compared to warmth. The models today are energy-efficient. There are also European models which can heat even the smallest of home. The cost of this fireplace may be in variation. It depends on different kinds of factors. This includes the materials used, the hearth, chimney caps and chimney liners.

  • Gas Fireplaces –

Most of the time, this is enclosed in a metal casing. These gas fireplaces are installed almost everywhere. Inside it, it is feasible to find fiber gas logs, ceramic logs, crystal elements or even gas. Regardless, the gas can always produce a glowing natural gas-powered flame. These new gas fireplaces are not really old gas fireplaces. The improvement of their quality and quantity became really apparent. This is why they were really far from the traditional wood burning fireplace people are well-accustomed of. Furthermore, there are three types of this. These are the direct vent model, vent-free model and the top vent design. These are all available now.


  • Prefabricated Fireplaces –

These prefabricated fireplaces are sometimes referred to as the zero-clearance fireplaces. These are insulated highly. With this, they can be installed even just an inch in a combustible material. For instance, it can be attached to a wall framing. Most of the time, this kind is preferred to new construction sites. This can be attributed to the fact that they are lighter, easier and faster to install. This cannot be said to other standard Mansory units out there. Aside from this, it is also energy-efficient. There are new prefabricated fireplaces out there which are obtained from metal and installed in-wood frame walls. These are always metal shell and these are more realistic looking.

  • Wood stoves –

These wood stoves are metal containers that are meant for fire. They are derived from cast iron, or brick-lined. Typically, wood stoves have their inlet. These are meant for air combustion and to be the outlet of combustion gases too. Modern wood stoves are now bombarding the place. These are airtight which may allow air combustion to be controllable.