How to Reupholster a Couch

How to Reupholster a Couch

Step One: Prep Work

Begin by measuring the love seat in all bearings with a measuring tape. Estimations ought to mirror all measurements of the love seat that will be secured and give you a thought of what number of yards of fabric required. Select a shade plan for the room. Bring along something from the shading intend to search for material. Place the love seat that is being reupholstered some place that you can make a wreck.

Step Two: Removing Old Fabric

Evacuate the fabric at present covering the lounge chair precisely utilizing forceps to, don’t scam it. Save these pieces; they will frame an example for the new fabric. Check the cushioning to check whether all the more cushioning should be included. Quilt batting can be added to pads and cushion to mollify them further. Check for any harm to springs or edge.

Step Three: Go Shopping

Make a rundown of precisely what you require; the time has come to so shopping. Upholstery fabric works best to endure wear and tear however any fabric can be utilized the length of it is solid. Pick fabric that will be anything but difficult to work with; entangled examples will make coordinating sorts out more convoluted. Purchase a yard or two more than your estimations to have somewhat additional for missteps.

Step Four: Start Cutting

Lay out the fabric and after that place the first pieces that were evacuated on top. Follow with a pencil on the underside of the fabric and afterward, slice the fabric to coordinate the shape and size of the old pieces. Use pins to secure the old and new fabric together while following and cutting.

Step Five: Reassemble

Reassembling the love seat is the next stride all the while. Take the new, cut pieces and lay them in their right spot on the love seat. Utilizing the staple firearm, join the fabric to the edge similarly the old pieces were connected. On the off chance that staples don’t go in safely, utilize a tack mallet to secure them set up. To cover pads use the sewing machine and coordinating string to sew up three sides of the pad, embed the pad and sew shut by hand or if favored add a zipper rather take into consideration simple cleaning.

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