Is glass decking replacing wooden options?

Australian homeowners love the idea of an outdoor entertainment space and a pool. Most of the residential properties have a pool and according to Australian building codes, it is necessary to have some kind of safety barrier around the pool. Modern homeowners choose glass pool fence over other materials for a number of reasons. Glass is transparent and while the glass fence forms a barrier around the pool, the view remains uninterrupted. In addition, glass is virtually maintenance-free, strong and durable and does not corrode for a glass decking balustrade.

A glass decking balustrade is not only suitable for swimming pools; They are perfect for decks, balconies, and stairs. They can be used indoors or outdoors in your home with equally amazing results. For example, using a glass balustrade system for an interior staircase will give you a floating appearance. An external staircase or ramp with a glass balustrade looks elegant and lets the view wander unhindered to the outside world. At the same time, it gives the building an elegant and modern look.While a small wall-mountable mirror would be a practical necessity, a designer mirror covering the entire wall would certainly add a touch of elegance to the bathroom decor

Perfect for patios, balconies, and pools, Trimlite’s glass balustrade system looks great on ramps and sidewalks. Garden fences around a patio or patio area give the surroundings a sense of beauty. The open, undisturbed views provide a relaxing entertainment area while still providing the safety and wind protection that may be needed in times of inclement weather. A balustrade system installed on a deck or outdoor patio gives the area a relaxed, open look that is not only beautiful but also adds value to your property.

Aluminum glass railing systems are low maintenance and cost-effective as they are preloaded to a maximum thickness. The glass does not break so easily and even if they do, there are no sharp edges that could hurt people. The panels are mounted on a stainless steel or aluminum coated frame, which in turn is non-corrosive. The only maintenance that is required is occasional cleaning with a mild detergent and water.

Coastal residences are affected by salty air, resulting in corrosion of metal products and fittings of all kinds. Glass balustrades are particularly suitable for installation in houses and homes by the sea because they do not respond to the environment and the fittings are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum.