Japanese Knotweed Specialist

The Top Reasons To Contact A Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Although many weeds growing on your property can be eliminated by simply using store-bought herbicides, there are some that are much more difficult to remove. Even if you pull some weeds out of the ground, taking the entire weed out along with the roots, they can still grow back. One of the best examples of this is the Japanese knotweed, which really doesn’t look like a weed at all. It was transplanted from East Asia many years ago into the UK, a perennial weed that is very difficult to kill. Despite its somewhat appealing appearance, it can actually cause your other plants to die. It’s very hard to eliminate, and you will often need to contact a Japanese knotweed specialist if you want them to be completely eradicated.

The Best Way To Find And Hire These Companies
These specialists are operating all throughout the United Kingdom. They are in high demand. This weed is very pervasive, and without certain herbicides, it is not possible to eliminate it. The removal process is not very simple. The root systems can go down as far as 9 feet, and at its peak, it can grow up to 4 inches in a single day. If you have the smallest portion of the root system remaining, the rhizomes that are left can take root and grow once again. The best way to find these companies is to search for Japanese knotweed specialist and see what comes up. Start getting estimates from the different businesses, and look at what other people are saying about these companies that have use them in the past.

What Will They Do To Eliminate The Weeds?
They will typically use some type of herbicide which could include Picloram, 2,4-D, Imazapyr, or glyphosate. Triclopyr is another that can be very effective. They will be able to come out, positively identify that you do have Japanese knotweed, and then they will begin to take care of the problem. If it is a small area where these are growing, a single treatment is usually enough to prevent them from coming back. If it is a large area, where these weeds have grown to over 12 feet in height, this is going to be a very expensive project. That’s why it is so important to understand how to identify them, and once you do, get these experts out to your location. The faster they are able to get rid of them, the less likely they will spread which can be a very costly process.

Finding Japanese knotweed experts can be done in a matter of minutes. Call up for quotes on how much it will cost to use each of these companies. Find out who can come out in the shortest period of time to begin the treatment process. This is one of the most difficult weeds in the world to eradicate, and that is why using a Japanese knotweed specialist is in your best interest if you happen to have these growing around your home.